What is this?

STFU - Simple Temporary File Upload is a server instance of Simple Python S3 File Hosting developed by Sadale. It is capable for hosting user-uploaded files by using AWS S3-compatible storage. It was developed using Python with Flask and boto3 for the backend, and Bootstrap with jQuery for the frontend.

This server instance is hosted by Sadale

Why another file hosting service?

Unlike most other file hosting services, this one does not host files on the same server as the website. Instead, it hosts files on cloud-based AWS S3-compatible object storage. Compared with conventional file-based storage, using object storage is more scalable and possibly more cost-efficient. By off-loading the file storage to the third party, we let the object storage cloud service provider to take care of the scaling of the service. The processing power spent on our VPS remains minimum, enabling us to serve far more clients compared with file-based storage.

What contents are allowed?

By uploading files using this website, the users comply with the terms of service of AWS S3-compatible storage backend used for this website. We only allow what is allowed on the S3 storage hoster. For this server, our S3-compatible storage hoster is AWS S3. In case of abuse, please contact stfu dot abuse at sadale dot net

About the developer

The developer of this website, Sadale, is a jack of all trades in programming. He had been a hobbyist programmer since he was in middle school. Over the years, he had developed websites, games, desktop programs, Android apps, and some electronic devices. As of the time of writing (2018-11-16), he had a bit more than a year of experience on embedded programming. As an attempt to modernize his stack, he took his time to learn various modern devops and webdev technologies, including Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, AWS S3 and Bootstrap after his resignation. This website was developed as a result of his learning. As of the time of writing, he hopes that he can become a freelancer. Free free to contact him via filehosting at sadale dot net.

Please notice that anyone can start hosting an instance of Simple Python S3 File Hosting. The developer of this website, Sadale, may not be affiliated with the hoster at all.